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About Us


We were established in 2021 to provide our customers and vendors with a flawless e-commerce experience. By digitizing our tradesmen and SMEs, we reach more customers and expand their businesses. We support women's participation in the digital economy, domestic production and producers. Thus, we make a significant contribution to the growth of the country's economy and increase employment. It is our top priority to provide a perfect service to you, our valued users, with our young and dynamic team. We pack and transport the products you order from all over Europe and the UK with quality assurance.




we are a team

Teamwork is the only way to success!

We never see ourselves in front of the team.

As a team, we run towards the same goal, trust and  support each other.

We attach great importance to feedback to become a better team



We are change-oriented, we are constantly improving

We know that change and feedback are essential for development.

We are curious and every day we look for new ways to improve.



We exist for our users

We consider our customers first in all our decisions,

We work for them to have the best shopping experience



We are sincere and humble

We have no egos, no titles and no hierarchy!

We communicate openly and clearly.

We trust each other, listen well and avoid false assumptions. 

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